Web Design


Websites are designed for a wide range of clients, based on their needs.

We research with you to discover the most appropriate style, colors, themes, graphics and images.
This can be managed on a weekly, monthly or adhoc basis.


Standard Features include:

Domain Name Registration (www.myname.com)
Web Site Hosting (The space to store your site 24/7)
Email Address (name@myname.com)
Home Page
Contact Page
About Page
ALL FOR $250 and completed in 7 days!!!

Features available include:

User Blogs
Product Catalogs
Price Lists
PayPal Integration
FaceBook Integration
Calendars Clocks & Timers
Feedback Forms
Application Forms
Product Photography
Graphic Design
Special Fonts
Creating & Editing
Graphic Art Pages



Contact us for details


DawnImages is a celebration of the beauty of

sunrise and sunset around the world.

Images have been captured from more than 40 countries
and are available for Stock Purchase


Rather than attend Modeling Schools, the photographer here

has discovered the poise and beauty of professional and student dancers far surpasses any of the other training .

In keeping with the student age range,
this site has a strict policy of PG rating


The Author, Jonathan Smythe, needed a website to reflect the story line of the book, 'jon.com'.

This website with more than 50 graphically interactive pages is designed more like a game with a plot than a traditional website.

Hidden pages, Sound effects, disappearing items and feedback forms are included, if you can find them.

Jon (dot) com


Mystery, intrigue and a touch of the supernatural are the elements behind this site for Author D.L. Meyer.

Supporting the book 'Fellowship of Psys' the web site introduces us to some of the main characters and allows us to glimpse what's in store when you purchase the book.

Fellowship of Psys


A simple site design that allows the display of images, data sheets  and contact information.


This site was designed with the input of one of the models that appears here, and is created as a tribute to those people and models that have had the courage and power to embrace their art and explore their personal talent.


An update to the above site allows the use of
Pop-up forms, secure membership and better galleries



This site uses the WordPress Blog system and hooks into
a wide variety of Social Networking sites.


Ideal for Personal Blogs as well as sites that require regular
updating by the user, this style can be created to minimise
the requirements of the end user to simply posting documents,
pictures or a wide variety of media files.



This shows the use of Galleries.

A style that is ideal for Photographers,
Models, Actors and others that need
strong graphic focus to show their
products, images etc...