Hand painted Glass


Hand Painted China & Glass Ware   Hand Painted Glassware created by Gayle and can be achieved by everyone at our Arty Parties, often from 'found objects' and incomplete sets.

Gayle is often inspired by the history (real or imagined) of the pieces she creates, but you can allow your imagination to run riot at an Arty Party.

All items are fired to create lasting artworks that are dishwasher & Microwave safe.

 China & Glass Painting   You are welcome to bring your own China or Glassware to hand painted with assistance from Gayle.  Colours and styles can be agreed beforehand, and all work can be inspected and approved prior to firing.

Mood Lights   Crafted from wine bottles, these low wattage Mood and Night Lights can also be used as a Festive Table Centre.

Commissioned Paintings   Using the colours and mood of your choice, Gayle is available to produce commissioned work for your home or office. These can be on stretched canvas, timber or a variety of base materials. Acrylics are the preferred medium, but works can also include Mixed Media.


Commissioned Sculptures   Gayle works with many materials to create sculptures ranging from miniature to life size. Talk to her about your concepts.
Stock Art   A wide variety of art works are available for sale, please let us know your requirements.

Many of Gayle's current and previous artworks are available for viewing online at her site at DawnImages


Special colours, sizes, shapes and products can be made to order - please contact us for your requirements.