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Interested in a Free Photo Shoot?

Know someone who is?

Three categories are most often considered for free shoots:

  1. The elderly
  2. Hand Models
  3. Art-Nude Models

You are always welcome to discuss your ideas that may lead to an exhibition or book publication.

We are always on the lookout for people that wish to participate as models for Art Projects.

In order to make the most of a models valuable time here are a few guidelines I have for models I work with:

1/ THE ELDERLY - In general we find it best to travel to the subject, have a relative with them and spend a little time relaxing first. We do not require special clothing or makeup, but will respond to the wishes of the person being photographed.

2/ HANDS - We can shoot almost anywhere and at any time - your place, your work or the studio. These are close-ups.  Special preparation is only required for 'Glamour Hands'.

3/ ART NUDE - We specialise in Classical Imagery that is based on light and shade, form and texture, tone and balance. These are often in the client's home as part of a Boudoir Shoot, or can be on location or at the studio. A partner is always welcome. Depending on the style  to be achieved, a Makeup Artist may be hired to accompany us.


Be comfortable with the outdoors.

You and your hair may be wet (probably) during the shoot.

Do NOT wear sandals or thongs (flip-flops/jandals). Bring shoes that are easy to hike in. Many times the location requires a short hike through rocks and bush - sneakers work.

All jewellery and piercings must be removed during a shoot (preferably the night before).

Limited tattoos. Nearly all tattoos will be edited out of the photographs. We are after a natural look.

Minimal makeup - certainly NO eye liner / mascara - it turns to mud in water!

Bring a towel or two, bug spray (I try to always bring some), and baby oil GEL (I found the gel works great for the water shots.)

Bring something that is easy to take on and off and use as a portable changeroom, like a sundress.

Always feel comfortable to bring a trusted friend or family member to a shoot. Many times I will have a mature woman accompany me as an assistant.

I generally prefer to work with models over the age of 25, but all ages are welcome - although under 18s MUST NOT be involved in any nude shoot.

Everyone is welcome to apply, male and female with or without experience for exhibition art and coffee table books - copies of all images will be available free to participants.

Shoots often begin early in the morning and most shoots are located near some type of water. You may find your self standing in a rushing waterfall at 6:00 am when the outdoor temperature is just above 10 degrees Celsius. While lookouts can be standing nearby bundled up, models can find themselves trying not to shiver while holding a pose during the colder months.

We have a release contract that must be signed by all models that we work with.

For more information or to set up a shoot contact Beau at:
beau AT

For modelling consideration please submit some specialised photos plus a portrait shot (amateur or mirror shots are fine).