Bamboo Products


Mood Lights

Bamboo Mood Lights are all unique as they are made from our own home grown bamboo, cut and finished in our own workshops, and then fitted with festive lights.

You can choose from small holes or large, white lights or multi-colored.

Most bamboo Mood Lights are between 220 and 300 mm high and average about 90 mm in diameter.

These are available pre-drilled and with lights, ready for hand painting at Arty Parties


Hand Painted candleholders are made from the Bamboo grown on our property in Port Macquarie.

They are filled with sand for stability and have a commercial 'tea candle' supplied.  These are available for our hand painting at Arty Parties
Care must be taken with lighted candles, as bamboo is flammable.


A wide variety of plants are available. Feel free to transplant the included plants and add new ones to keep your Planter bright and colorful in every season. 

Planters come pre-drilled, with potting soil, fertilizer & seedlings supplied, ready for hand painting and assembly at our Arty Parties

We have a range that includes herbs and spices, including the aromatic Vietnamese Mint, Basil, Coriander as well as Geraniums, Brazilian Walking Irises and many more.

Top the feeder up regularly to help to attract birds to your garden. The bird feeders will naturally weather if exposed to the elements.

They can be repainted or simply allowed to blend with the timbers in your garden.

A Forest Bird Seed mix is included, however you may like to vary the seed types depending on your local bird population.

Wire hangers, shells, birdseed etc... are all supplied ready to hand paint and assemble at our Arty Parties




Special colours, sizes, shapes and products can be made to order - please contact us for your requirements.