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Personal Profiles:

A Personal Profile is series of photographs taken of you, to explore the different sides of your personality. All Personal Profile sessions are totally unique and can be conducted at your home, in our studio or at any location of your choosing.

These can be of you alone or with your partner and they vary from the traditional portrait that may be given to family through to intimate images for your bedroom or album. Some signature pieces are solely of hands, or faces or silhouettes, the decision is yours.

Although there are many photographers that specialize in Boudoir Photography, we see intimacy as more than Glamour. While it can be the ideal time to have a makeover or day spa to put you in the frame of mind - there are no rules... the time is yours to explore as you see fit.

Gentle guidance from your photographer to help capture the mood is available, as are props and lighting.

Together we capture a moment in time that is a definitive statement of some of the people that make the complete you.